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Ship supply

The ship supply sub-services are mainly engaged in Tianjin port international sailing ships daily necessities supply services. Mainly engaged in service projects: the arrival of cruise ships and other ships food, materials, daily necessities supply, seafarers and crew members of the family service.

In more than 50 years of port ship supply services, the company insists on providing ships with high-quality goods that meet the national standards, and puts food management hygiene management at the top of the list. The quality and quantity of goods provided by the company is praised by shipowners as a “trustworthy quality unit”. The company has won the honors of the designated unit of China's foreign trade credit system, the advanced unit of port food production and operation management, and the integrity of import and export quality enterprises.

Over the years, the company has consistently adhered to the concept of ship's satisfaction and has been dedicated to providing the fastest and most complete service for international sailing ships.


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