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Introduction of Tianjin Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd


Tianjin Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd, formerly known as Tianjin Sea Vessel Service Company, was approved by Tianjin Municipal People’s Government to establish in December 1957. The Company changed its name to Tianjin Ocean Shipping Supply Company in 1960 and to Tianjin Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd in 2001. In 2016, Tianjin Port Group increased investment on the Company and the Company was restructured with shares expanded. 


The Company occupies an area of 24500 m2 with building area reaching 22400m2, which contains 1 500t cold storage, 1 duty-free warehouse, 1 food warehouse and 1 materials warehouse.


Affiliated enterprises: Vessel Supply Department, Vessel Labor Engineering Department, Vessel Material Department, Marine Life Material Supply Department, Tianjin CDF Duty-Free Goods Co., Ltd and Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd

Business scope: daily necessities for vessel, materials and padding for vessel, duty-free goods, vessel labor engineering, port logistics, vessel equipment maintenance, recycle of old materials of vessel and other port service businesses. 


The Company is the member of ISSA, vice-president unit of China Friendship External Supplier Association of Commerce, standing director of Tianjin Port Association, director unit of Vessel Service Committee, standing director unit of Tianjin Cruise & Yacht Association, and the member of China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and Tianjin International Forwarders Association. 


The Company possesses qualification of ISSA Quality System Certification, national first-level forwarder qualification, declaration qualification for imported and exported goods, qualification for maintenance of vessel and offshore facilities, service unit qualification for international voyage ship and qualification for operation of duty-free goods.


With outstanding industrial background and its advantages in the industry, the Company wins favorable corporate reputation in Tianjin Port and is widely recognized. The Company was once rated as Model Unit of China Foreign Trade Credit System, Port Food Production, Operation and Management Advanced Unit, Tianjin Spiritual Civilization Building Unit, High-integrity Enterprise for Import and Export Quality, Tianjin “May 1st Labor Medal” Advanced Unit, Advanced Unit of CITS System, Outstanding Duty-free Shop of CDFG System, Tianjin AA-Level Harmony Labor Relationship Enterprise and A-Level Unit for Food Production and Operation in Exit-Entry Port.


The Company would be committed to offering high-quality and high-efficiency service for international and domestic clients. Meanwhile, the Company seeks for broader cooperation field and looks forward to meeting more partners and achieving mutual development. 


Company Address: Xin’gang Liumi, Tanggu, Binhai New Area, Tianjin

Tel: (022) 25792737  25793486  25787006

Fax: (022) 25793837  25797504