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About us

Tianjin CDF Duty-Free Goods Co., Ltd

Tianjin CDF Duty-Free Goods Co., Ltd is jointly funded and established by China Duty Free Group and Tianjin Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd. The Company now possesses 400m2 customs supervised warehouse and 200m2 duty free goods store in cruise port. 

The Company mainly engages in operation of duty free goods in Tianjin Port and providing duty free goods such as tobacco, wine, drink, perfume, cosmetic, leather good, jewelry, watch, food and domestic products for entry & exit traveler, international vessel and crew. 

During years of operation of port duty free goods, the Company has always observed relevant laws and disciplines and wins favorable enterprise reputation by offering high-quality and high-efficiency service. The Company is praised as Advanced Enterprise of CITS System and Outstanding Duty Free Store of CDFG System for consecutive years and is awarded the “May 1st Labor Medal” by Tianjin Federation of Trade Union. 


Company Address: Xin’gang Liumi, Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone (CBD) 

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