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Introduction of Vessel Supply Business

Vessel supply business mainly involves daily necessities supply service for international vessels in Tianjin Port. Major business items: food, material and daily necessity supply for docked cruise and other vessels and crew and crew’s families service.

The Company insisted on providing high-quality commodities that conform to national standard in more than 50 years of port vessel supply services. Meanwhile, the Company placed top priority on sanitation management of food operation to ensure quality and quantity of the commodity supplied and was praised as “High-quality Enterprise” by the ship. Furthermore, the Company was once awarded the title of Model Unit of China Foreign Trade Credit System, Port Food Production, Operation and Management Advanced Unit, High-integrity Enterprise for Import and Export Quality, etc. 

The Company sticks to the service concept of satisfying the ship over the years and is committed to providing fastest and most integrated service for international vessels.


Company Address: Xin’gang Liumi, Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone (CBD) 

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