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Vessel Labor Engineering

Vessel labor engineering business mainly involves labor service for international and domestic vessels in Tianjin Port. Major service items: cleaning and reinforcement of cargo hold, reinforcement of cargo within the contain, supply of vessel padding and material, repair of vessel deck and recycle of old vessel materials.

With outstanding operation, preferential price and honest service as business purpose and with guaranteeing quality, quantity, construction period, safety and satisfaction as service standard, the Company keeps improving professional skills and service function in over 50 years of port labor operation and has developed a skillful experienced vessel labor service team which has excellently completed the reinforcement of cargo hold of large vessels. The quality of engineering completed by the Company is highly praised by ship-owners and clients, which establishes good enterprise image for the Company in Tianjin Port. 

The Company will keep innovating service function, expand development and carry out more extensive cooperation with shipping companies, and is looking forward to cooperating with more friends. 


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