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Direct Sale of Imported Goods

Introduction of Direct Sale of Imported Goods


1. With adherence to the principle of state-owned enterprise of “credibility and honesty first”, Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd makes cooperation with dozens of senior domestic importers and sells thousands of goods which come from Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. All goods are formally imported with high quality and fair price, and the Company is committed to providing consumers with foreign and domestic life products with high quality and fair price.

2. The Company sells a great variety of goods including imported food, red wine, daily chemical products and mother & baby products. 

3. As the largest import goods supermarket in Free Trade Zone, the advantage of the Direct Sale Center over other import goods supermarkets is authenticity guarantee and cheaper price. By reducing agency cost and making use of preferential policy of Free Trade Zone, the price of some goods are 30% cheaper than that on market and even cheaper than overseas purchasing. 

4. The Company possesses physical store and online store, and offers more consumers with better and faster shopping experience through diversified marketing tactics. 


Online Store of Dongjiang Ocean Shipping Supply



Flagship Store of Dongjiang Ocean Shipping Supply: 

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